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Most drain cleaners you find on store shelves use strong chemicals, which can deteriorate your pipes and filters as well as cause harm to the environment. Our drain cleaning plumbers offer the best equipment and services. We at Cricket Plumbing propose that you stay ahead of such potential plumbing and environmental issues and routinely schedule professional drain cleaning services.

  • Slow drainage: Although people would rather ignore a drain that flows slowly, that won’t make the problem go away. If left unattended, your drain cleaning Miami issue can escalate, which will drain your money instead.
  • Foul odors from drains: If your home is connected to Miami’s sewer line and foul odors are coming out of your drains, it is very likely that you have a drainage issue. Such pollutant build-up needs to be dealt with immediately; otherwise, clogs will eventually render your pipes useless. Call our drain cleaning plumber team right away!
  • Recurring clogs: Bathroom tubs and sinks are most prone to having clog re-occurrences mostly because of hair and soap. These clogs tend to be hard to remove and hard to reach, so professional intervention is always recommended.
  • Multiple drain clogs: If you have several clogged drains at once, your entire plumbing system may be at risk. This is a sign that you must receive expert drain cleaning services immediately!

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