Types of hydraulic installations are more than we all think at first. First, it comes in our head a PVC pipe and their connections conducting water to the taps, shower and removing the sewers from home. We do not give so much attention to hydraulic installations so we are often surprised that in civil construction one of the most innovative areas is precisely that of facilities.

Types of Pipes and More

PVC is just one of the pipe materials and connections, but does it suit all projects? Can it conduct hot water? Is the cold water PVC the same for sewage? Can it be exposed to the sun? Did you know that PVC can not conduct hot water? Today in the market there are several other types of materials with specific characteristics to meet the most diverse types of projects. This is the determining factor for choosing the type of pipe material and fittings to be used in your work: the necessity; The characteristics of the project; Availability in your region; The cost-effective.

For the cold and hot water line, there are the following materials: PVC, CPVC, PPR, PEX, Copper. For the sewage line, there is PVC, PVC-R. Read about them all in the link bellow.


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