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Learning how to perform plumbing diagnosis and fix certain plumbing issues by yourself is admirable, but your home plumbing system repairs may not always be straightforward. More complex repairs and plumbing services will require plumbing inspection, professional maintenance, upgrades, installation, and repairs in order to function properly and in accordance with current regulations. That is where Cricket Plumbing come into the picture; we can help keep your pipes functional, clean, and up-to-date. First of all, problems such as leak detection need proper plumbing diagnosis and plumbing inspection. We offer:

  • Leak detection: Some leaks are quite self-evident, but only a keen professional eye can through plumbing inspection detect all possible leaks and estimate their consequences, especially when it comes to ‘invisible’ pipes located below the ground surface and inside walls.
  • Slow drain diagnosis: Ignoring slow drains won’t make the problem go away. Instead, it can lead to a plumbing disaster, which will be more costly if left uninspected. If you are unsure how to find out if your drains are clean, by all means, call a professional.
  • Maintenance plans: To keep things safe, in check, and running properly, we propose to develop a maintenance plan together after a thorough plumbing inspection.
  • Preventive maintenance inspection: It is better to prevent problems rather than to correct them. That is why we offer inspection services throughout Miami to help estimate your entire home plumbing system’s condition, weigh your maintenance options, and keep you informed. You can trust our plumber Miami team for we have a well-designed approach to plumbing diagnosis.

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plumbing inspection and preventative maintenance

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