Plumbing Installation Services in Miami, FL

Have you decided to build a new home or office from scratch? Or just need to install a new kitchen or bathroom? If that is the case, our dependable plumbers at Cricket Plumbing are qualified and certified to help you with your plumbing installation efficiently and affordably.

  • Sewer installation: Besides the plumbing installation itself, we also offer pipe material recommendations and delivery, thorough inspections, root removal, pipe cleaning, and spot repair.
  • Main water pipe installation: The main pipe in the entire system is, of course, the most important pipe for conveying water. Cricket’s plumbing services can help you install it in accordance with safety standards. In the case of breaking, quick reparation or replacement following state regulations is necessary.
  • New fixture installation services: high-efficiency toilet installation, sinks, faucet installation and garbage disposals. Whatever fixture you wish to install in your home or office, we can get the job done.
  • Remodeling plumbing installation services: It is important to keep your pipes and fixtures up-to-date and having a professional to assist you in getting things done exactly as you want is vital.
  • Re-piping: When your current pipes are beyond repair or are becoming a hazard, we propose re-piping or reinstallation. Plumbing installation problems can even lower your home value in the real estate world, so it is important how you play your maintenance cards.

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