Septic Tank Cleaning Services in Miami, FL

Cricket Plumbing services include septic tank cleaning. Septic tanks hold biological waste material, which bacteria breaks down into gasses, water, and solids. This natural process is time-consuming, and sometimes septic systems also have to handle plastics, non-biodegradable products, kitchen waste, and chemical output apart from human waste. To prevent overloading your tank, we at Cricket Plumbing offer you our septic tank services such as septic tank cleaning to keep things functional and environmentally-friendly.

  • Excess water: Minimizing the amount of water going into your septic system is important, otherwise solid wastes won’t get a chance to break down, and you will wind up with blocked distribution pipes. This is where our expert septic tank services come into play.
  • Flushing non-biodegradable items: Even the ‘flushable’ products often don’t break down naturally as they should, this can include non-biodegradable items. Flush only bodily waste and toilet paper, or prepare to eventually call a professional to unclog the mess and perform septic tank cleaning.
  • Too much detergent: Phosphates from detergent can act as fertilizers for algae, which can block perforations in the distribution pipes. Overuse of these products, especially the wrong ones, can cause problems for your plumbing and wallet. Call us immediately and employ our septic tank services.
  • Harsh chemicals: Solvents, gasoline, paint thinners, pesticides, motor oil, and brake fluid – all of this can do significant damage to your septic system, environment, and the bacterial flora inside the tank. It can also pollute the surrounding soil, and hinder plants from growing.

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