Water Heater Repair in Miami, FL

You’d be surprised just how much we need hot water for a home to function properly. Whenever water heater problems occur, detecting them is relatively self-evident, but performing water heater repair no mere feat and usually, requires professional help. That is why we at Cricket Plumbing gladly offer our long-lasting water heater repair services to keep your water heaters operating optimally. There are simply no better plumbing services in Miami.

  • No or not enough hot water: Loose wires and issues with the thermostat, limit switch or element are usually the cause of a lack of hot water in your home. This is one one the problems our water heater repair Miami team sees often
  • Takes too long to reheat: Besides also checking the thermostat, sediment build up at the bottom of the tank can also prevent water from heating up properly. Call us to perform diagnosis and see what level of water heater repair you need.
  • Water too hot: Again, a malfunctioning thermostat is usually the root of this problem, but another possibility is that it’s not set up properly. This means you need expert water heater repair services.
  • Noisy elements: Having the wrong parts or scale build up on them can cause unwanted noise. Cleaning or replacing these parts with low-density ones is the solution.
  • Foul odor: The buildup of bacteria inside the tank can cause bad smells. Flushing the tank or replacing the anode rod with a different type of metal is helpful.
  • Rusty colored water: Once the water heater anode dissolves and gets rusty, drawing baths won’t be a delight anymore.
  • Tank and pressure relief valve leak: In this case, you should definitely call a professional to estimate the damage and water heater repair costs before it gets any worse.

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